Millenials Don’t Know How To …

How many times have you heard this and thought “Oh no! Not Again!”

Millenials are always getting a bum wrap for not understanding in an instant the technology that their parents grew up with. Watching the YouTube video of two youngsters trying to figure out how to call a number using an old rotary-dial phone was, of course, absolutely hilarious and showed everybody just how stupid millenials are, right? Right?

Well, no. It showed just how much of an arsehole the older person who set the whole thing up is. That same older person would have had just as much trouble using a magneto phone of the sort I started out with, let alone any of the tools and technology that my parents used.

I usually like to point out how much fairer it would be to, you know, teach the younger suckers generation about the thing they are trying to use … That usually gets a hearty laugh or two before the oldsters collapse around their walking frames in a fit of emphasemial coughing.

I like fairness and equality. Each generation knows their level of technology and with a will to learn can figure out that of their ancestors and progeny.

Then this happens:

I just shake my head and sigh. Loudly.

The undercurrent noted throughout the thread is Libraries are old fashioned and no longer relevant.

Librarians from all over the world were quick to defend their Libraries as one would expect. The range of services and support offered by Libraries these days is phenomenal though personally I like Libraries for their books. Of course “books” includes e-books, movies and graphic novels accessed via on-line services these days.

There is also a distinct feeling of It’s not real unless a Millenial invented it and is making lots of money from it. As we all know, or should, Millenials are at the forefront of every new invention and technological marvel. That may be sarcasm.

A few commenters noted that it is possible that there is a level of snobbery involved as well, with the impression that Libraries are fine and would be great if they only charged membership fees as that would stop us from having to see the poor people from using them.

Personally I think the last shows the commenters’ bias more than anything else.

Note that if you are stupid enough to say something ridiculous on-line I’m not going to scrub your name out. Sorry. It’s already out there; live with it. Forever.

The image at the top of this post is the type of telephone I grew up with. Let’s see Millenials figure out how to use that one … Bwahahaha hack cough splutter.

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