Enough Is Enough!

The maiden in this tale is Samantha Maiden, a journalist in Australia who has been outspoken in defence of women who have suffered abuse from powerful men. Sam has come under concerted attack from Right-Wing male journalists for that defence, with plenty of derogatory and diminishing terms being thrown around.

During recent times women have cried #EnoughIsEnough and rallied in a #March4Justice all over Australia in a rising tide of unrest aimed squarely at the entrenched men and their supporters hiding behind their walls built on years of misogyny. From the lowliest pundit to the Prime Minister of the country, the rich and powerful have been put on notice: Change is coming.

The “Sewer Rats” is a name thrown by the journalists at Twitter users who were tweeting in support of Sam and others. It has, in time-honoured fashion, been adopted as a badge of honour.

Didst Thou?

Didst thou a Maiden scandalise?
Wouldst I in truth that Maiden
Stood before me,
My mind and heart to proselytise.

Candour doeth her mouth leave,
Though not bereave.
My ears graced, strength braced,
Though faced of troubled voice
From all surrounds.

Shouldst I to thee list
In manner such as this?
Nay! For thou art but a butt
‘Neath her honest tree.
Honesty, that shadeth thee
Most dark.

Thy kind and kin thus obscured
Shall now reside, abide,
And die no longer heard.


Butt, none shall of thee
Sadly think in saddest night
Amongst sad cups
That should elsewise tears bring.

Time now has come
For truth.
For sooth.
For words to soothe,
To calm and carry those
Thou wouldst in past calumniate
With foulest hate.

Though their lives wrent,
Thy heart spent
Felt not their pain
For gain of fame
And merriment.

The rats from sewers
Far and near exclaim
For all in towers ivory to hear.
Their dark night’s sleep
To rob and rend,
And end, in fear.

To end the comfort felt
In blood stained sheets
On beds held high by mortal men
Who cry and plead
For mercy,
And life.

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