A Renewed Attempt

Some time ago I uploaded a series of posts here that were my feeble attempt at writing a story. Unfortunately, as is my want, I buggered it up.

I immediately ran into a problem with my innate need to be technically correct. It turns out that this is not a good thing when writing Sci-Fi; you really need to be able to let some assumptions ride, let some handwavium creep in.

I took a bit of a sabatical and then had another go but I wasn’t happy with where the story was taking me. Another sabbatical.

Now I’m back again. I’ve set up another site here for just that story. There are two reasons.

The first is I don’t want to clutter up this blog, since this is the only place that I can write in long-form. I am not now and never will be a user of Facebook or any other forum. I loved Google+ and have never found anything that matches it for style.

That leaves me with Twitter and here. Que Será.

The second is I am using WordPress as my editing software. It’s not perfect but it seems to be the only way, without outlaying large sums of money on a regular basis, of editing consistently across a Windows PC and an iPad. At least this way it’s safe from loss if my gear dies or gets nicked.

We’ll see how I go this time.

Nope. My brain isn’t up for this. While I will continue to write Nell’s story for my own benefit, it will remain offline.

October 2021

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