And Their “Truth” Shall Be As Fertiliser

There are no checks and balances for the imagination, other than its inaccessibility by others.

Prior to the advent of the Internet a theoretician in proposing the existence of a conspiracy had to themselves fund, or through unconscionable effort persuade someone else to fund, the publication of a book, pamphlet, or news sheet to get their “truth” out. Print runs in the thousands were unusual, more commonly being in the hundreds at most. A person would be have to suffer questionable luck to wander into the path of one of these beacons of enlightenment, and opposing views were as easily accessed. More pages thus produced ended their existence cleansing the fundament of the proletariat than shining a light into the shadows.

Now, with the advent of blogs, video sharing, self publishing, and social media anybody can spread their “truth” like fertiliser, pasting over the underlying smell of decayed honesty with a veneer of learned pondering and secret knowledge.

Their lies grow like weeds, with falsehood’s seed spreading on gale force winds born of righteous indignation and mischievous desire. Weeds so virulent that they easily outpace the voices of reason seeking their doom, seeds so fertile, so sure in their own integrity, that they grow readily in every young or uncertain mind that they encounter.

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